Our Mission

Our foundation is dedicated to encouraging society to disavow shaming and gossip – or Lashon Hara, the Hebrew term for it (and which was used in our original Hebrew slogan). Our trendy message ‘Shaming shames me’ has spread the word about the harm Lashon Hara causes while diminishing the social allure of gossip. Our many supporters are proudly expressing their dedication to a more compassionate society by wearing our slogan-emblazoned bracelets. It is even becoming a social trend in Israel, touted by many top Israeli athletes, actors, models, and celebrities. By making it trendy to be considerate of and and express empathy for others, “Shaming shames me” is fostering a grassroots social movement to change our world for the better and eradicate bullying at a time it matters more than ever. We reach out in many ways through the press and popular culture – from music to advertising – and are proud to have made a decisive change in the youth culture. As our movement grows, we are increasingly participating in educational circles. We hope to change the way our youth views shaming, or Lashon Hara – to achieve a future that we believe will be more harmonious and united for everyone.