Our Story

Twelve years ago we ran a grassroots public campaign consisting of 5000 stickers and T-Shirts which were given away to friends, family, and the public. Our mission took off after the passing of Rabbi Rafael Halperin, a beloved family member, who expressed his sincere wishes for us to stay committed to the mission of eradicating Lashon Hara. Since then, we have launched a nationwide campaign, school-based events and programs, and, of course, distributed our iconic bracelets everywhere. We are endorsed by celebrities, actors, musicians, athletes, and regular citizens who proudly wear our bracelets! Our mission has skyrocketed and entered the popular consciousness through popular music (notably a song by acclaimed musician Omer Adam), a short animated film appealing to children, a country-wide charity program that donated 10,000 clocks to classrooms, advertisements on busses and in newspapers, art shows, press appearances, and of course, social media. We’re proud to have made an impact throughout all levels of society. Because we believe that the mission of stopping Lashon Hara starts on the individual level; our mission continues – with you!